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Kalliste Fine Arts specializes in acquiring and selling artworks, brokering and long-term collection management, both for individual and corporate collections.

Our field of expertise is primarily European art (from Renaissance artists and Old Masters to Modern and Contemporary artists), but we also selectively broker deals, upon our clients’ request, in Chinese antiques, Chinese modern painting, and Chinese contemporary art, to provide our clients with a diverse portfolio of art investments.


我们主要专精于欧洲艺术(从文艺复兴时代, 举凡古典派, 现代艺术至当代艺术);但依据客户的要求,也提供中国古董或近代画作及中国当代艺术作品的特约仲介服务,以利客户多元化的收藏。

Being based in China, Kalliste Fine Arts is also working closely with emerging and established Chinese contemporary artists.

Kalliste Fine Arts provides confidential consulting and brokering services to its clients in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan mostly.



Contemporary Art - 当代艺术


Nic Van Varenberg (born 1995), professionally known as VLaD, is a Belgian-American street artist and actor.

His cartoonish style finds its roots in his first foray into arts as a street artist, when he started as a graffiti artist painting the walls of downtown Portland, Oregon. He then moved to Los Angeles and started to experiment with acrylic painting on canvases, refining his style and honing his craft together with local street artists.

Although he calls himself apolitical, VLaD’s works offer a vivid depiction of 21st century North American and European urban-dwellers’ obsession with hedonism: the relentless quest for money-grabbing, the casual use of performance-enhancing and recreational substances, self-medication, social pressure to always seem happy and active, ego-casting on social media, etc.

VLaD pays tribute to the forefathers of graffiti art when he cites Blek le rat‘s later works, which focus more on political, environmental and other social causes, as a major source of inspiration, both at the semantic and aesthetic levels. Invader, another European forefather of street art, with his extensive use of video game characters, is also a source of inspiration, as well as Keith Haring.

Some of the characters on his boldly colourful works are his own creations, while others are reimagined versions of icons of popular cartoon culture, which have a universal following, across cultural and visual traditions.


Cao Ping is a two-time recipient of Fonds BKVB (The Netherland Foundation of Visual Art) award and an artist who travels between Beijing and the Netherland. Although she is also fond of literature, photography and design, painting is the one and only thing she holds close to her heart, for she believes that this art form gives the greatest room for the independence and freedom of an artist.

When individuals are increasingly independent from others, he or she will be better able to break the shackles upon his or her mind. Through the eyes of Cao Ping, the larger than life flowers flourish with blood-like seductive redness. And when the ink and colours and flowers and women are contrasted and juxtaposed, Cao Ping’s Garden of Eden emerges. However, the attempts to touch them are greeted by distance and stand-offishness, rather than urges to please and grovel. The pale shadows created by ink wash and water colours have portrayed the gentle and fresh figures unique to females on the silk canvas.

Years of life spent abroad has brought Cao Ping a sober and sharp vision. She said, some reality may be less than pleasant. However, it is such existence that paves the way to appreciate beauty and kindness.

Cao Ping has always remained sharp and uninhibited. On the one hand, she creates paintings about the reality, kindness and beauty and revokes our emotions for beauty, without being too surrealistic or sophisticated. On the other hand, she examines indifferently the world that thrives on the complicated human nature and reveals to you all the facets of the reality including greed, anger, joy, and aversion. Love and desire, flowers and thorns, death and reincarnation. These emotions are like the Siamese twins to the glitz and glamour of a mundane and earthly world, which essentially is about its multiple facets and dimensions.


而当个人对别人的需要越来越少时,内心就会越来越自由。 大朵大朵的花,如血般开得凛冽而魅惑;墨与彩,花与女人,变成曹萍眼中的伊甸园。


淡色的人影,用水墨与水彩,在绢本上,特有的女性的柔美与清新,勾勒出她眼中的美。 长年漂泊与游学,让曹萍的目光清醒而敏锐,她说,有些真实可能看上去不那么令人愉悦,但恰恰只有真的存在,才为美与善提供了到达彼岸的基础。




Abstract art in Paris witnessed the evolution from modernism to avant-garde . It was in Paris that many thought-provoking ideas and different art schools were incepted, and where many abstract artists first introduced their works to the public.

Born in 1960, Wang Yancheng graduated from the Shandong Institute of Fine Arts in China, and further honed his skills at the Chinese Central Institute of Fine Arts. He later moved to France to complete his studies at the Saint-Etienne University of Plastic Arts, expanding his understanding of the avant-garde movement, and merging his solid Chinese traditional artistic technique with the flamboyant color theories of Western painting. In his works, shape and color interact to trace the traditional Chinese cosmology and to seek to replicate the mysterious forces of the Universe.

As a promoter and practicioner of post-painterly abstraction, Wang has won critical acclaim in Europe and presented many solo exhibitions all over the world. He has won many artistic awards, including the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres from the French Ministry of Culture. He remains active in international art organizations and devoted to educating new generations of artists.




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